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Department of Commerce

eKuber is supporting Salesforce CRM implementation project at DOC including planning, designing, developing, testing, and implementing the solution components of the Salesforce CRM, interfaces necessary to configure and deploy a system solution on the Salesforce platform. eKuber leveraged Agile/Scrum for collaboration and user participation. We enabled innovative features and functionality. Functionality included, Client management, Tracking business information, Partner and educational contact tracking, Case management, Performance management and reporting, Online inquiry tracking, Constituent and Capitol Hill communication activity tracking, Marketing and outreach campaign management, and Online knowledge base. Tasks performed in this project: Program Management Support and Center of Excellence (COE) Governance; Business Requirements and Analysis, Development, Salesforce CRM Configuration & Collaboration (Chatter), Documentation, Deployment, Security Compliance/ATO, and integration with Outlook.

eKuber is also supporting multiple government initiatives involving several government websites (to Drupal 7 and Drupal 8), Siebel, Salesforce and new requirements to improve sustainability and maintainability through agile, flexible and balanced digital solutions that are personalized, cost effective, flexible and open sourced, that can enable collaboration and knowledge sharing, maximize efficiency and provide optimum reporting, while providing an improved customer experience through the benefits of cloud, open source, Containerization, mobile and enhanced analytics in partnership with a world class vendor within the framework of Agile methodology, robust project management techniques, responsive design, 508 and NIST Risk Management Framework. The project involved depth of experience in delivering Drupal Open Source, Salesforce, Cloud based Application Configuration, Program Management, Architecture, Security, System Administration, Database Administration, Application Design and Development, Deployment, Integration, Migration and Modernization of legacy systems while demonstrating innovative thinking and performance excellence in a cost efficient manner

What Our Clients Say

"eKuber Team is creative in implementing Agile, Kanban and Scrum practices for this project"

“The team was in place at the outset of the project, ready to receive the knowledge transfer from the transition team.”